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Re:Shipping on certain items free in 1 zone only

    Oct 28 2013 22:39:56



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    Debbie Q said The way I did it was I set the first units box to .95 units and gave my free shipping item a units value of .10.

    Sorry Debbie, I'm not quite with you. I should clarify that I'm using the Standard Shipping. Could you give me a more detailed example of what I should put please?

    At the moment, for UK shipping I have

    Up to 49 units, cost 3.06
    the next 102 units, 1.10
    the next 100 units, 4.45
    the next 100 units, 1.49
    the rest 1.96

    I appreciate that I will probably have to lose a band but what would the top line become? Is it

    Up to 0.95, cost 0.0

    Would this ensure that another zone would charge a proper amount for shipping, ie. my Europe zone begins with

    Up to 49 units, cost 3.55

    If my product's unit is 0.01 then am I right in thinking this would still charge 3.55 for shipping for the European zone?