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Orders are not being recorded in Mal's and No Notifications

    Nov 05 2013 17:33:39



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    We are not getting any order notification emails anymore. I've checked, and all settings are correct --- they haven't been changed or touched, and the correct email is set for the order notifications.

    Now, we realize that the orders are also NOT even listed in Mal's!! There have been 12-15 orders in the last few weeks --- they are recorded in our Pay Pal account -- but NOTHING listed in Mal's.

    What's going on? Help!

    Nov 05 2013 18:59:55


    Debbie Q

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    Email Mal directly.

    Debbie Q

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    Nov 05 2013 19:24:39



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    Do you have other carts using Paypal?

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 05 2013 20:44:35



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    Alan said Do you have other carts using Paypal?

    Good question --- will double check.