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"View cart" Button

    Nov 14 2013 14:07:48



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    I'm a newcomer,I'm experiencing a problem with the a.m. subject.
    I created a buy now button with the button maker and everything works fine.
    If I add the code
    <input type="HIDDEN" name="userid" value="gg12345">
    <input type="SUBMIT" value="Show Cart">
    when I hit this button an item is added to the cart,rather than let me see it.
    If I create a separate form,what I get in the new page "Price is not set " message.
    Anyone can help?
    Thanks in advance

    Nov 14 2013 14:18:39



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    Are you using all of this form, replacing the ww# for your server number (ww8 for example) and your user id and giving a return to get the viewer back to your page?

    <form method="post" action="">
    <input type="hidden" name="userid" value="gg12345">
    <input type="hidden" name="return" value="">;
    <input type="submit" value="Show Cart">

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    Nov 14 2013 15:00:02



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    now it works,i missed the "review.cfm"

    Nov 14 2013 15:16:27



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    Is there a way to let that page open as resized pop up window ?

    Nov 14 2013 18:55:10


    Debbie Q

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    I do it this way. <a href="#" onclick="'','cartwin','width=650,height=400,scrollbars,location,resizable,status');">View Cart</a>

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    Nov 14 2013 21:31:00



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    Thanks Debbie,
    it works perfectly.
    In the meantime I was able to load the cart in my wp site,expecially in the lightbox prettyphoto.
    I'm a newcomer,maybe this has already been discussed but if you and gt think that can be of any use for others I will open a thread with the instruction on how to do it.