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shipping-required fields

    Nov 21 2013 17:41:14



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    how do i remove some of the requred fields under the "shipping info" section

    Nov 21 2013 17:47:22



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    The only required field I see is a telephone number... What 'fields' are you talking of?


    You can choose to have some of the fields required, the cart will force your customer to enter something in that box. This does not mean that what they enter will sensible!
    Purchase details
    Full name
    Address No PO boxes
    City or town
    County or province
    Mobile phone
    E-mail Validate Confirm

    Shipping fields

    Payment fields
    All check fields
    All credit card fields Validate

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    Nov 21 2013 17:51:16



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    i want to remove "country" "county" and "email" and "company"

    Nov 21 2013 19:27:47


    Debbie Q

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    You cannot remove the fields totally you can only make them not required.

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    Nov 21 2013 20:43:23



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    ok, what about this: is it possible to have some required in the shipping section but to make them not required in the billing section?
    meaing, i dont need the email section in the shipping info but it needs to be mandatory in the billing section.
    Also i was able to change the header for the shipping info to say my own text, but is it possible to do it for another section as well? i dont know where else to post the script to change an additional title-i want card details to say card holder's detail