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Shipping setup?

    Nov 22 2013 15:46:58



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    Please can someone help.
    I have changed our site to use Paypal, up until now we have been processing orders manually into PDQ. Thus any tweaks to shipping can be done when entering into PDQ.

    With paypal, the shipping has to be correct.
    Question 1:
    My problem is when delivery address is different to billing address I add on 1 to use "sign for service". Is it possible to do this?
    Question 2:
    For non-UK shipping I want to add a flat-fee to the UK shipping cost. How can I do this?

    Nov 22 2013 17:50:23



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    Q1 Not a standard feature. You could offer two 'products' in the cart - 'billing and delivery address the same' free. And 'Different' $1. But you can't make the customer 'buy' one.

    Q2. Assuming you are using standard shipping you could have two zones, one for UK with your current values, and a second for elsewhere. How you add the flat fee depends on which option you have selected If option 7 just include it in the first row COST value. If option 5 and you have a spare row, perhaps make the first row
    0.01 __ X where X is 100 times your flat fee.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 22 2013 21:02:41



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    Thanks Alan; After a lot of experimenting with the advanced shipping I have succeeded in adding zones for UK, Europe and Rest of world. Then for UK I have added an option for delivery address different being "sign for" service. I will have to trust to the honesty of the buyer!
    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.