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Time frame delivery

    Dec 05 2013 16:14:10



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    The shipper we use has the option to select a time frame delivery (e.g. between 8 am and 11.00 am in the morning) at an additional rate. I'd like to give my customers the option to select a time frame if they wish. I have been playing with option 8 of the shipping settings page and this seems to work.

    I use links like these on my shipping page:

    <a href=" between 8 am and 11 am">Delivery between 8 am and 11 am</a>

    <a href=" between 11 am and 1 pm">Delivery between 11 am and 1 pm</a>

    However I would like the customer to see which shipping option he has selected. Is there any way I can show this to the customer in the cart before he completes the check out?

    Dec 05 2013 16:29:20



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    Surely this would just be an option in the zone wouldn't it?

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    Dec 05 2013 16:40:17



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    Thanks GT. I don't use zones, I'm using option 8 ("Posting your own total") on the shipping page.

    Dec 05 2013 18:40:39



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    I'll mention because some don't realise that the value you post replaces any previous value - it's the new shipping charge.

    To show the shipopts value to the customer you'd probably need to send it as a value for product[] to the cart.

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    Dec 05 2013 18:46:43



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    Thanks Alan. Yes I am aware that it replace the previous shipping value. Do you mean that I should add it as a product to the cart? I have done this before (as an addon product) but I was not completely happy with that.

    Dec 05 2013 21:43:31



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    I've solved it by using option 7 and zones on the shipping settings page. I've used each zone as a time frame. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

    Dec 05 2013 22:41:23



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    Additional question about shipping zones. I have five zones (in my case time frames) activated. It appears that by default no zone is selected in the radio button menu. Is there a way to have the first zone selected by default?

    Dec 06 2013 02:17:28


    Debbie Q

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    No. You cannot set a default.

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    Dec 06 2013 02:18:32



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    That's too bad, but thanks Debbie.