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CSs for thumbnail images

    Dec 08 2013 15:21:39



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    I would like to put some css into the cart's thumbnail images as my products don't look right without a border around the images.

    I'm using a form field in the Buy Buttons which includes something like:
    <input type="hidden" name="thumb" Value="img_1.jpg">

    Is it possible to put a class in somewhere to get a border around the image. My style sheet has the following class in it and I'd like to include it in the shopping cart thumbnail images if possible.

    .imgborder { border: 1px solid #999999; }

    Dec 09 2013 05:58:21



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    You do not have access to the style sheet, I suggest you add a border to each thumb yourself.

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    Dec 09 2013 23:08:27



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    I take it you mean I should add the border with a graphics program. The trouble is I would need to make quite a lot of changes throughout my website too so not an ideal solution for me.

    It's a pity there couldn't be an option for border="1" next to the width and height parameters.

    Dec 10 2013 00:47:07


    Debbie Q

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    Why not just make a whole new set? Your website wouldn't need to change at all.

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