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Re:Using productpr with Radio Buttons

    Dec 13 2013 07:43:09



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    GT said If the qty1 value is zero, the qty2 value cannot be passed to Mal's is what I'm guessing you're wanting...

    Then add this to the opening form line...
    onsubmit="if(this.qty1.value<1){alert('Please enter the quantity of aperture panels required');this.qty1;return false;}"

    By the way, I would look at fixing the page errors:

    Hi GT,

    Many thanks for the Solution to my problem, it works a treat, I have implemented it on the first product on the page, and will be putting on the rest, when my wife (the boss) has agreed the message wording.

    I have had a look at (and fixed a few) of the errors and warnings shown up by the WC3 validator but I am struggling with the remainder.

    The only warning which is left:- Line 61, Column 77: relates to what I believe to be the correct implementation of Mal,s view cart with a return. I have no idea why that gets picked up. It also generates 2 errors (which follow it) and an information line.

    All the remaining errors appear to related to my CSS menu and my return to top of page script. Both of which I downloaded (I think from Dynamic Drive).

    I don't really know HTML, I use Dreamweaver to create the pages and muddle my way from there, so I have no idea why WC3 doesn't like my menu or return to top.

    The only thing I do know is that they both "appear" to work. I test using IE, Opera and Firefox.

    Thanks again for your Help.