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Item DELETE icon Forced to Right Side of Quantity Box

    Feb 01 2014 19:12:10



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    Is it possible to Keep the Delete Icon on the Right side of the Quantity box? It seems that no matter what I try, the Delete icon (trash can or just the word delete) behaves unpredictably and will move Under the Quantity box. I have a cart that is 400px wide, so I made it 500 px wide, then the icon moved to the right, it was just perfect. Later the icon is Under the Quantity box. I made the cart 900px wide, and it does the same thing! Argh! I realize that the sripts are hosted on Mal's and I have no control over this, but is there some way to maintain control?

    Feb 01 2014 20:08:39


    Debbie Q

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    Email Mal and tell him about the inconsistancy. Maybe he can fix it.

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    Feb 01 2014 20:54:39



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    Will do. Thanks.