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Quotation marks in text box dropped from e-mails

    Feb 28 2009 04:54:59



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    I have some text boxes in my cart page for the customer to enter text they want added to the product. If the customer enters something like this;
    Please make "Big Deal" in bold letters

    The exact phrase shows up on the customer's order screen and is sent to Mal's intact. Going to List Orders> Details> shows the phrase as entered. However, the customer thank you e-mail and the order notification e-mail drops the quotation marks like this;
    Please make Big Deal in bold letters

    Since it arrives at Mal's intact I don't think it's anything in the page code, but rather maybe something in Mal's e-mail generator.

    Any ideas?


    Feb 28 2009 06:24:47


    Debbie Q

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    The HTML version of the order notifications should show the quotes. It does on mine. Mal said he is working on an HTML version of the customer reciept as well.

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    Feb 28 2009 23:24:32



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    Thanks, Debbie! Once again you have the answer.