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Additional fee, some items

    Feb 03 2014 04:29:04



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    My client now tells me that only on items with free shipping there will be an additional fee. Perhaps this is a handling fee, but whatever it is, how do I communicate this to the cart with those items?

    Feb 03 2014 07:02:28



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    OK, as a buyer, free shipping is free, with no charge, so I'm confused...
    Not sure if you can add a handling fee to ONLY free shipping.
    Possibly look at giving the free shipping option a fixed value of something rather than 0.00?

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    Feb 03 2014 10:16:34



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    If the charge is per item, you could build it into the price or perhaps cause a buy button to add the product and the fee.

    If it is a single charge regardless of the number of those items, life is more difficult. It's possible to put a minimum value on shipping if that would help but then it would not be a separate item.

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