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Discount Coupons

    Feb 03 2014 17:05:25



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    Hi, I've made a bunch of Mal's Carts but have never had a website client want tpo offer a discount coupon. Can you tell me if I have the thinking right?:
    I make a Discount Coupon specifying 10% off.

    The program generates a code.

    I give that code to my web client so she can send out a mailing and list that code on 100 postcards to her customers, or in an email.

    Someone applies it in the cart checkout by typing it into the coupon field.
    10% is subtracted from the order.

    The Mal's system now knows that that customer has used that coupon once payment is received at Paypal.

    The number will no longer work for that customer, but will work if she gives it to a friend.

    Do I have that right?
    I also see that I can either specify an end date, or delete the coupon when I want the discount period to end.

    Am I missing anything? I read an info sheet on Aliases, but saw no mention of it in the pages about coupons in the setup area.
    Jennifer, learning, learning..

    Feb 03 2014 18:26:38


    Debbie Q

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    You have it almost right. Unless you give each customer a unique code you cannot limit them from using it more than once. There are 2 choices. Code can be used by many people many times or single code that can be used only once.

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    Feb 03 2014 20:39:29



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    Thanks, I'll tell my client that she needs to tell they can only partake of this little perk ONCE. The honor system..or something.