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Accepting Checks

    Feb 10 2014 15:53:12



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    I made a test run to accept checks and I see it's an electronic funds-transfer. But neither on the check page in the cart nor on the cart setup is there anywhere to enter to whom the check is made payable. Wouldn't we need to enter that along with the vendor's banking info? Can someone clarify how it works? - Thanks

    Feb 10 2014 16:04:56


    Debbie Q

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    I believe to accept electronic checks you need to purchase echeck writing software to print these checks for deposit in your bank.

    If you only want to accept regular checks you need to set it up differently in admin. In the Payment setup check the box that says: "Don't accept cheques" Then down where it says "OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS" Write in the word "Check"

    Another nice thing to do is in "Customize/ OTHER MESSAGES and GENERAL SETTINGS" under where it says "PAYMENTS MESSAGE" put "If paying by Check or Money Order, the next page will show your Order Number and Payment Instructions. <br>Please print or copy this information."

    Then under where it says "EXIT MESSAGE - UNSECURE PAYMENTS" Put "Please send<b> ${am} </b>with Order Number<b> {id}</b> <br>Written on your check payable to:<br><br>You<br>Your address<br><br><a href="javascript:print()">Print</a>

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    Feb 10 2014 16:22:15



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    Debbie, Thanks for such a quick answer, I'm anxious to give it a try. The client wants to be online this week. I appreciate it.

    BTW, I took a look at your site and I must say, very nicely done. I have not used all the customization available for the cart that you have, but may be encouraged to try some.

    If anyone's interested, I working with