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Thoughts on the Return page

    Feb 12 2014 06:21:39



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    I've been kicking this back and forth and am not sure what to advise my client. After adding an item to the cart then clicking 'continue shopping' should we take the customer back to the page he came from (one particular item), or to the products index page (presumably to look for other items to buy)?

    Also, same question for returning from a 'View Cart' button.

    Feb 12 2014 06:24:27



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    I'd do the latter.

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    Feb 12 2014 13:12:47



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    depends on how many items you have on the page they came from and if they are likely to want more from that page.
    Personally, on our site that sells knitting yarn, we go back to the same page as they are more than likely going to want to look at the other colours and probably buy more colours from the same range.
    On our Kits site we use the script to stay on the page and not go to the cart.
    If you navigation is good enough they can go to any other page within a couple of clicks anyway.

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    Feb 12 2014 14:15:42


    Debbie Q

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    I go back to the products catagory page and not the individual order page for the buy now buttons but view cart button I think should go back to where they are although this is more difficult.

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    Feb 17 2014 14:40:34



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    It depends how many other products are being sold, and how likely it is the customer will realistically want to buy more products, and how those products are related.
    I don't think there is a standard answer. Like the example with knitting yarns, it makes sense to go back to the same page to chose more colours,however if the colours were on a different page, go to that page or category page.