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Quantity in cart not working as expected

    Feb 17 2014 14:35:23



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    Hi, is there a way to have the cart add additional quantities of a product TOGETHER if added at different times, rather than list each addition as a separate product?
    IE instead of this:
    My Product 1
    My Product 1
    My Product 1
    My Product 1

    Can it do this:
    My Product 4

    I know the customer can change the quantity themselves in the cart, but sometimes a customer might go back to the product page and decide they want another or more.
    Many thanks in advance!

    Feb 17 2014 15:16:50


    Debbie Q

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    instead of using "price" use a field called discountpr. The cart will then lump together the products with the same name. <input type="hidden" name="discountpr" value="0,10.20">

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    Feb 17 2014 16:32:41



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    Hi Debbie, thanks so much, it's perfect!

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