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Re:nocart options

    Mar 07 2014 15:35:33



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    Alive & Well said I just came here to ask a question about nocart and you were on top so I am going to include my stuff here.

    I have some (maybe lots) of those thick customers also and was wondering if there is any feedback as to which way to make the cart is better, using nocart or going to the cart.

    Personally I think that having it where a lot of items can display at once and being able to just keep hitting BUY buttons then viewing the cart at once is the way to go. But I am looking feedback from others and since you have some thick customers as well Paul, maybe you have some insight on this.

    Hi there,

    We sell lots and lots of small items, so some customers could have 25, 30 or more products on an order.

    In my opinion forcing them to view the cart every time they put something in the cart is not a good idea.