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Heartbeat security issue

    Apr 10 2014 17:02:21


    Mal Stewart

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    A few people have asked me about the Heartbeat security bug issue. The answer is that all the servers were patched very early on Tuesday morning, within hours of the issue first comming to light. I have seen no evidence of any activity that should concern users and consider it extrodinarily unlikely that I ever will.

    On the question of passwords: you should change your password if you use the same password somewhere else. And you should definitely always use a unique password for something as important as this and make it a strong password, a mix of upper and lower case letters and numbers. If you don't use your Mals password anywhere else then it's up to you, but it would certianly do no harm to change it, especially if it's not a very good password to start with.

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    Apr 10 2014 17:08:55


    Debbie Q

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    Thanks for the update Mal. Can you please make this thread sticky?

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