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Code Help for add.cfm

    Apr 21 2014 14:52:16



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    I have normally used pulldown menus for the carts I've made, but on this next one there will be one item with a series of options in radio buttons as well as some text fields. I can't believe I can't figure this out, but how do I take the page below and just have it add Nature Stocking to the cart along with the added options?

    Apr 21 2014 15:24:23


    Debbie Q

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    Remove this: <input type="hidden" name="qty1" value="1">
    <select name="productpr" size="1">
    <option value="Nature Stocking:53.50">Nature Stocking</option>

    Replace with this:
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="product[]" VALUE="Nature Stocking">
    <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="price" VALUE="53.00">

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