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Re:nocart and small shopping cart on page

    Apr 23 2014 12:02:40



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    The minicart script you are currently using comes from and as far as I can tell seems to be working fine in the URLs in your first post

    There is no problem using # for page anchor returns when using a form.

    As you have discovered, if "Append cart content vars" is checked in cart set up, return will go to page anchor if NOT using "nocart". However if using "nocart" the page will refresh to the top. This is something I'm sure Mal could look at. See for a previous explanation.

    If "Append cart content vars" NOT checked, return will go to page anchor whether using "nocart" or not. However you need "Append cart content vars" checked for a minicart to work.

    With regard to using "producturl", the minicart will not update because the cart contents querystring (vars) is not appended to the URL. This is also something to address to Mal.