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Re:nocart and small shopping cart on page

    Apr 23 2014 18:17:54



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    You can still have your minicart but with the provisos in my last post.

    This is the way I understand it -

    1. Keep your minicart with "nocart" and accept that firstly the page will refresh to the top and secondly, clicking the "producturl" link will not update the minicart.

    2. Keep your minicart, not "nocart" but going straight to the cart and the "Continue shopping" button will return to the page anchor, but again, clicking "producturl" will not update the minicart.


    3. Forget the minicart, uncheck "Append cart content vars" in setup, and "nocart" will refresh to the page anchor.

    By the way, Mal's input would not be with the minicart script but rather having the "producturl" link append the querystring, and having "nocart" refresh to a return page anchor with "Append cart content vars" checked in setup.