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Paypal Shipping Labels

    May 05 2014 15:56:20



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    I'm redoing a website for a client who was using Paypal buttons but I am now giving her a Mal's cart. She will still use her Paypal account and is used to going to the Paypal customer info to print out a mailing label using Paypal Terminal that is integrated with USPS.

    So am I thinking this through correctly:
    Mal's settings:

    I don't set up any sales tax or shipping in the Mal's cart. Paypal uses her settings for those.

    I do NOT check the No Shipping Address at Paypal button. But if I DO check that box, and keep all the Shipping fields in the Mal's Cart, does Paypal receive the Shipping Address from the cart just fine?

    OR I could uncheck the required fields for an address in the Mal's cart so they don't have to enter their address twice.

    Not sure which way to go with the Shipping Address Settings.

    May 05 2014 20:00:51


    Debbie Q

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    In Mal's PayPal setup leave the box unchecked that says... "No shipping address at Paypal" In My cart I ask for a seperate invoce address under checkout fields.

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    May 05 2014 22:18:10



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    That's what I concluded. Thanks.

    And I've gone back to allowing her Mal's Cart to figure tax and shipping.