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    Mar 04 2009 12:20:25



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    I tested a discount voucher with this code


    it does absolutly nothing, nopopup box or anything to say it has expired. Is this correct or not. I presume the voucher has actually worked because the discount did not apply to the price which is good but it would be nice to be alerted the voucher is either expired or invalid.

    Even though it has expired for the month of Feb if you just change the 02 to 03 you have a valid working code for the next month. I actually was on the impression the code would expire and would not be able to used for the next month by just change some numbers.

    This is not good if you are away and can't get to it in time to remove it for the next month, customers can give themselves discounts at their leisure.

    or Have I just entered the details incorrect. The mask I used was CMMYYNNNN