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Shipping Address Shows under Invoice Details in Customer Email

    May 29 2014 12:21:23



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    I am not asking for invoice details in my settings since folks are paying with Paypal and I don't want them to enter 3 addresses. But the shipping details are showing up under Invoice details in the receipt and the shipping section is blank. What am I doing wrong?

    May 29 2014 15:17:19


    Debbie Q

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    You are doing nothing wrong. It is what PayPal does. I ask for both payment and shipping details and I still often get shipping details showing up under the invoice and shipping blank.

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    Jun 05 2014 11:46:44



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    My solution after talking to Mal was to switch to Paypal Express Checkout and turn off the Mal's Cart. Then I also turned off the Customer Receipt setting in Mal's. So now we will go in to the Mal's cart when we receive a payment from Paypal, and edit it so it shows the customer name and email that Paypal does collect. It's easy to email a receipt and we've switched to HTML receipts so it looks good. Phew..