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Re:Upselling Links work in test but not on website

    Jun 09 2014 20:27:45



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    Debbie Q said Need more info to help. What are the stipulations for the upsale items? What's the URL of your page?

    Hello Debbie - thanks for replying and helping.

    Not sure what 'stipulation'; are but I don't think there are any.
    Just two simple, straightfoward products. No SKU# or special shipping units etc.
    One is a donation for 5 cents.
    The other is a Christmas kit for $5.00

    Web Page:
    There are 3 different shopping carts. I am trying to add the upselling links to the USA and CANADIAN shopping cart links.

    The two upselling items are showing fine when I click on the "view cart' button at Mals - but are not available from the shopping cart on my website.