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Re:Upselling Links work in test but not on website

    Jun 10 2014 01:02:33



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    Well, regardless if it seems strange or not, it has worked perfectly for our business for several years now. Thank goodness! :) The upselling is set up the same way the shopping links are set up for currencies - I didn't see any other option under the advanced cart code to do anything else. It is simply requests naming the product, pricing it, linking the product images and indicating which link the page should go on. I have no special shipping or SKU requirements.

    Thanks, Debbie for trying to help. I really appreciate your effort, however, if this isn't an easy thing to fix, I am just going to let it go. I am deluged with work at the moment and I have to stick with 'easy'. I wish i could find other Mals subscribers who use the upselling link so I could speak with them. Maybe another time.

    Thanks again.