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Re:Oh no! Fast help please, I just made a big mistake

    Jun 13 2014 16:52:42



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    Debbie Q said I don't think it is a mistake we made. I think the cart just calculates it in the wrong order. My loss was small and it is rare so I was not too worried about it.

    Mal sent me this message you posted. I emailed him again, I'm not sure I am explaining the problem right for him to understand the issue.

    My loss will not be small. I ship heavy items. I tried to explain to him that we need the option to be able to have the free shipping kick in AFTER the discount is calculated. I need my customers to physically spend a certain amount before I can eat the shipping.

    Lesson learned for me, I will definitely test the coupon codes before I put out my newsletter. This was my fault that I didn't test it first. But I just did not think that free shipping would be calculated on pre-discount price.

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