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probably trying to do too much :-)

    Jun 16 2014 23:02:11



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    I have been using discountpr to get all products with the same scode to keep together in the cart. That works well for my kits site but my other site has options with different scodes.

    I know I can use productpr to combine the options with the scodes, but if someone orders something twice it is in the cart twice.

    <form action=""; method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="userid" value="6642255">
    <select name="productpr" size="1">
    <option value="Teddy Amber:0.30:0:CJSTA09-01">Amber</option>
    <option value="Teddy Black:0.30:0:CJSTL09-01">Black</option>
    <option value="Teddy Brown:0.30:0:CJSTX09-01">Brown</option>
    <option value="Teddy Blue:0.30:0:CJSTB09-01">Blue</option>
    <input type="submit" value="Add">

    Is it possible to combine productpr, discountpr and scodes?

    Haven't got a page set up yet online - can't get it to work when tested locally.

    I think I am asking too much of the cart. Just wanted to make sure it isn't possible before I spend too much time on it. :-)

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)

    Jun 17 2014 00:14:40


    Debbie Q

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    I think you are asking too much of the cart too! LOL What if used addmulti and made each color a different product number and use radio buttons?

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    Jun 17 2014 11:24:00



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    Some of them have 9 colours - would look pretty messy.

    I think you are right - i have to decide which is more important - having the correct scode for each item or grouping them together.

    Much of my site can use the discountpr to group them together but the teddy eyes are just too complicated.

    Thanks for the quick reply :-)

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)