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Product Image Showing up in Cart

    Sep 08 2008 04:41:13



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    The revised homepage shows photos of the shopping cart at the top of the page. In these photos it shows that the product image (a shirt) is carried over to the actual cart. Will this be something that will be available for us to have or do using the mals cart in the future? Or is that ability available now? If so how is it done?

    Sep 08 2008 05:50:37


    The Net Effect Ltd

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    Edited: To my knowledge, those images are an example of a web page and not a cart.
    If I choose a red shirt and in the cart a blue one is shown, I think I'd drop the order. I believe adding an image can cause more trouble than it's worth.

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    Sep 08 2008 09:03:26



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    Edited: The second image dgorenflo refers to says "Your Shopping Cart" and is complete with product summary, totals, shipping calculation and checkout button. This is quite clearly a different representation from Mals cart and as such, is a little misleading.

    Perhaps Mal is planning to introduce this redesigned cart.

    Sep 09 2008 03:16:25



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    Yes..Geoff is correct, it's the second image. The product's image is shown in the actual cart . I've been using Mals Premium cart for a few years now for two sites and to my knowledge this option is not available, so was just wondering if this is something that may be yet to come.