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Need Help with UPS CALCULATOR!

    Mar 05 2009 20:42:38



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    Hi Mals users!

    I know this has been asked before and I have looked through the previous posts, but I still need help!

    I have a Premium Account. I am trying to integrate my shopping cart with UPS rates. I already have an online UPS account and was able to obtain an XML key from UPS.
    I logged into my account, Cart Setup, Shipping, Advanced Shipping, and under UPS Setup entered all of the information they ask for (username, password, XML key, etc.). I have all of that filled in!
    However, when I try to test my shopping cart, UPS rates do not appear.
    What do I need to do at this point? Is there anything else that needs to be setup under Cart Setup for this to work?
    What shipping option (if any) needs to be selected under Standard Shipping in Cart Setup?
    How does this UPS Calculator suppose to work? Does it link my cart to our UPS account in the background sort of speak and UPS rates appear in the cart itself?
    I feel like I'm almost there, but can't quiet get it to work! Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Mar 06 2009 07:12:15


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    In cart setup have you clicked on Shipping / Advanced shipping and selected the Advanced shipping radio button in Global Settings?

    Have you clicked on UPS in Setup rates services? And when there did you check the box 'Use quotes direct form the UPS rates service?

    On the UPS setup page it also says ' Edit shipping tables Add UPS services to your shipping tables'. Click on that and then you can setup your zones and options to say which of the UPS services you wish to offer.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 10 2009 20:52:03



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    Thank you! I got it to work!