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Shipping zones - only in Premium?

    Mar 06 2009 12:04:49



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    I'm trying to set up my shipping so that I have three zones, UK, Europe and Rest of the world.

    Each of these zones would be given different shipping costs, depending on the value of the order (like for instance, within UK, order value under 20 = 2 shipping but over 20=free, and Europe value under 40 = 6.95 shipping, over that and up to 100=x shipping and so on).

    I've really been struggling to understand how to do this, as I can't find the link to allocate countries to certain zones. I can find the Shipping Zone Tables, but not where I tell which countries belong to which zones.
    Is this only available in Premium?

    I tried setting up the zones to see what happened, using option 3 (based on a value, which I set to equal the price) and thought I would only test it by checking out as a UK customer to make sure I understood how to set up the table.

    I set up the zones like this:

    UK (zone 1)
    units - cost
    up to 20 - 2.00
    the next 0 - 0.00

    S. Ireland and Europe
    up to 40 - 6.95
    the next 60 - 7.95
    the rest 12.95

    Rest of the world
    up to 40 - 8.95
    the next 60 - 14.95
    the rest 19.95

    When I did this and ordered for over 20 it added a shipping cost of 20 to the cart?

    (It also kept adding 20 shipping when I added more to the cart, unfortunately the shopping cart was live at this stage, so I quickly switched back to my standard shipping (free over 20) to avoid scaring away customers - so I didn't check exactly what I entered into the shopping cart causing this to happen.)

    So, I have two problems - I obviously haven't set up the zone table correctly - and I also don't understand how to allocate countries to different zones. Can someone help?


    Mar 06 2009 13:27:33



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    As I understand it Petra, to make shipping free, you apply a negative value. So, for UK over 20 apply -2.00 instead of 2.00.
    For Ireland & Europe, the values are added on, for example, up to 40 is 6.95, up to 100 is say 7.95 so you would add 1.00 instead of 7.95, and so on.
    The same applies to the ROTW zone.
    I'd change to option 5 and try that (with the checkbox checked).

    Let us know if this doesn't work for you.

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    Mar 06 2009 15:23:26



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    Thanks GT,

    That makes sense. Still having probs though.

    I've now tried this, used option 5, with the checkbox ticked, and the following values in the table:

    up to 20 - 2
    the next 0 - minus2 (written as -2)

    up to 40 - 6.95
    the next 60 - 1.00
    the rest - 5

    and so on.

    It now shows a drop down list of countries, but when I order something that costs 7.95, it gives me the following (very odd!) shipping charges: UK, 15.90, Europe 55.25 and the rest of the world 71.15!

    Where are these figures coming from, and what am I doing wrong - any ideas?

    Mar 06 2009 15:48:17


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    The COST column contains multipliers when using option 5 not cash amounts. 7.95*2 = 15.90.

    Switch to option 7 with the units=price box checked. That has price steps.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 09 2009 11:30:10



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    Ok, that explains some of the odd amounts!

    But option 7doesn't use zones? So how would it know which country someone is ordering from?


    Mar 09 2009 11:40:05



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    Doh. If I had looked more carefully in the description I would have seen that "The principle is exactly the same as option 6 but is..." SORRY!

    Great! This works perfectly (jippiee!) - but ONLY when I buy ONE product only. When I add more than one product to the basket it set the shipping as 0... For all three zones.

    Help? HELP!

    Mar 09 2009 12:56:41



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    Not sure I believe that. If you've checked the units=price box then free shipping will only occur if you reach the step that wipes out the charge.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 09 2009 14:03:01



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    Nope, have tried it again, it doesn't work for me. Makes no sense. One product in the basket seems to do the right amount, as soon as I add more than one the shipping =0.

    Have checked the units=price box.

    As the site is live and we're really busy at the moment I've had to revert to the old shipping function. I need to go out now, but will try this later tonight again - running through it all to triple check I haven't done anything else stupid. If I can't get it to work, I'll post again...

    Mar 09 2009 14:21:40



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    You could set up another free account for testing.

    Did you forget to remove 'shipping free over 20' near the top of the standard shipping setup page?

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Mar 09 2009 22:16:38



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    Ok, feeling like a right dufus now, but am also over the moon as everything is working!! Yes, I had forgotten to remove the "shipping free over 20"...

    You're my hero.

    Thank you so so much. Really appreciate it.