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No Buttons or Return Link on Error Page

    Jul 17 2014 14:38:45



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    This is a premium cart, in place for about 7 years, using PayPal Pro for processing. Near as I can tell, this started being a problem around Monday of this week (07/14/14).

    Customers choose PayPal or credit card for payment.

    If there is anything incorrect with the shipping address entered in the cart (inv.pht) and that info is submitted, there is no way to go back and correct it (i.e. "back" button) from the payments.pht page.

    If the customer attempts to continue to the PayPal payments area from the payments.pht page, an error is given (payopt.pht), "Sorry! There was a problem with your request. A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed." -- but there is no button to go back to fix it.

    Yes, I understand it is possible to use the browser "back" button, but not every customer understands that and I cannot find a way to add the text the error page that says, "Use your browser's back button to return to the cart".

    Other things to note - we are using custom templates, but this error page does not show the template. It's plain page, no customization. The return link is setup in the cart settings.

    Thanks for any information or insights.

    Jul 18 2014 16:33:37



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    Just an FYI for anyone who stumbles across this in the future:

    There is no way to add any text, links back to the main website or other navigation to the error notification page mentioned in the post.

    According to an email exchange w/ Mal, this is a known problem (I couldn't find it when searching the forum), and his response was, "... there is no solution with the current archeticture of the cart, version 1. However if you switch to version 2, in the cart setup, then this issue is resolved as the customer then has an opportunity to edit their address."

    Jul 18 2014 23:57:10


    Debbie Q

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    I have not checked into the new beta version yet. Good to know it will have an edit feature.

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    Jul 19 2014 13:26:46



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    If you're thinking about changing over to the Version 2 - you should keep in mind that it's still beta, and he also told me this:

    "...this issue is resolved with version 2, you can switch to version 2 in the cart setup. However there is no template system for version 2 yet, at them moment Free and Premium look the same. Version 2 is still beta but PayPal Pro is fully integrated."

    Unfortunately, we are taking full advantage of the template system on this site. Also, he doesn't say if it's possible (& I admit, I didn't check) to switch back to V1 if V2 doesn't work out for you. Would have to get a test site, set it up with the pro version for a period of time and test run V2 before I'm willing to commit a client to the new system on a busy website.