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Re:No Buttons or Return Link on Error Page

    Jul 19 2014 13:26:46



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    If you're thinking about changing over to the Version 2 - you should keep in mind that it's still beta, and he also told me this:

    "...this issue is resolved with version 2, you can switch to version 2 in the cart setup. However there is no template system for version 2 yet, at them moment Free and Premium look the same. Version 2 is still beta but PayPal Pro is fully integrated."

    Unfortunately, we are taking full advantage of the template system on this site. Also, he doesn't say if it's possible (& I admit, I didn't check) to switch back to V1 if V2 doesn't work out for you. Would have to get a test site, set it up with the pro version for a period of time and test run V2 before I'm willing to commit a client to the new system on a busy website.