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Connection failed: 52 Empty reply from server

    Jul 30 2014 01:11:38


    Lynn Greene

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    My remote call suddenly stopped working about a week ago.

    The remote fetch tells me:

    Connection failed: 52 Empty reply from server

    What does this mean?

    Greene Ware, Etc.

    Jul 30 2014 07:46:17



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2977

    Googling the message comes up with a few examples, not relating to Mals.

    Conclusion 1.

    Ok I'm an idiot. It was just a misconfiguration of the server to only listen on localhost. I simply never thought of it before because I always proxied with ssh -L to my servers.

    Conclusion 2

    This problem is solved. It was failing because of the reason:
    Unpatched client and patched OpenSSL server

    which both mean even less to me than your question!

    Some shipping help documents are available at