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UPS Surepost Shipping

    Aug 08 2014 17:50:11



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    We are using the "Advanced Shipping" with UPS and USPS. We've got our shipping tables configured and all works well.

    QUESTION: we have recently added UPS Surepost Shipping in our UPS account. Should that option (Surepost) now display within our list of UPS shipping methods in our Mals' cart where we configure the shipping table? We would like to add Surepost as a method our customers can choose. We've already contacted UPS and they said we should "check with our shopping cart" people first.

    Thanks for your help!

    Aug 09 2014 07:05:53



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    You really need to ask Mal about this - see 'Contact' at foot of page.

    Some shipping help documents are available at