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Re:setting up shipping charge array

    Mar 09 2009 21:37:21



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    But this doesn't answer my question.

    It's really important to understand that much of this is meaningless to me. I have never written a piece of code in my life. I thought that when I selected the radio button for option four in Shipping Charges, that this would display some vital piece of code and tell me where it goes, or better still a form, and all I would do is enter the values and that would be that. But that didn't happen so I'm clueless as what to do next.

    The nub of the question is about how do I actually do it? I get the idea of setting some kind of parameters but obviously I wouldn't cut and past what you've displayed anywhere.

    Do I create a table in HTML and paste it into my HTML? Surely not. Is there some database somewhere that I fill in?

    So once again "What would this look like when written out to be included somewhere and where would it be put?