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Post php returnlink

    Nov 01 2014 21:00:40



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    I have a problem with return link after payment.
    no value back!
    I don't have setting Secret Key .
    is it necessary?
    I setting menu "customize" --> "return links"

    Your website address (
    Text for the link (go)
    REQUEST METHOD (Form button using the text above. POST request.)

    in the request.php there is


    // Replace the cart's ~ delimiter with a new line \n
    $cart = str_replace("~","\n",$cart);

    echo "
    Thank you for your order.

    Username : $username
    Customer ID : $id
    Date : $date
    For payment by $method

    Product , Quantity , Price

    Discount : -$discount
    Subtotal : $subtotal
    Shipping : $shipping
    Tax : $tax
    TOTAL : $total

    Invoice To:

    Ship To:

    If you have any questions about your order please do not hesitate
    to contact us.


    // Plus you have this field $ip which is their IP address and the $message fields