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Print just one order

    Mar 10 2009 12:07:16



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    Is it possible to print just one order (from either current orders, or archived orders) in mOrders 4+?

    Day to day it's great to be able to print all new orders in one go, but sometimes I need to print an archived order.

    The process to do it at the moment is extremely time consuming. I have to print preview my invoice template, guess which page of the print preview is the one I want (amongst 100's of pages) and eventually print it that way.

    Is there an easier way? Or perhaps a way of setting up a report that only prints 'selected' orders?

    Many thanks,


    Mar 10 2009 12:58:03



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    Check the "Selected" field on the order you want to print. Then go to the "Selected" column header click the drop down and filter for "True". You will now see only the one order. Print your report. After that, just remove the Selected=true filter to view all orders again.

    If you don't have a "Selected" column, click the list icon in the upper left and check "Selected"

    Mar 10 2009 13:30:11



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    Ah ha, I knew there must be some way of doing it that wasn't obvious!!

    Many thanks for your advice, that'll save me some serious time in the future!