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Cart V2 Checkout Button

    Nov 13 2014 16:39:13



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    I have been testing cart V2 in an Iframe.
    The V1 “go to payments” button keeps the cart in the iframe when I click it.
    The V2 checkout button fromves my Iframe and reloads the cart in the current window.
    The V2 check out button has the code Target=”_top”
    The V1 button has no “target” mark up.

    Is there any way I can stop the checkout button jumping the cart out of my iframe?

    Here’s my url
    if you want to test the carts the only "buyable" products are in..... Related Products -> Gates.


    Nov 13 2014 18:04:34


    Debbie Q

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    I would email Mal directly about your question. Most of us volunteers do not have much knowledge of V2 yet. Please posts Mal's answer back here so we all learn.

    Debbie Q

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    Nov 13 2014 19:08:10



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    I use the V2 with an Iframe it it works OK

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    Nov 14 2014 10:35:42



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    Thanks Debbie,
    Ill do that today and report back if I find the answers.

    Thanks Don, but it looks like you only employ an Iframe for your facebook likes link.
    I'm embedding the whole site and cart in an Iframe with a header and footer. The idea is to make a seamless experience. customers get scared when the look of a cart changes from the site they were buying from.

    Thanks Again

    Nov 14 2014 11:59:49



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    If you customers need to see the same layout etc, why not use the template feature?

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    Oct 06 2016 21:36:45



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    Same problem here. Penfold, did you received an answer from Mal's ?