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Debbie Q Where are you?

    Nov 27 2014 20:18:08


    Timothy I. Koen

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    To Debbie, I just purchased one of your javascripts from, but I was not directed to a download page. What is going on? Seems like I spent money on product that wasn't delivered. Please check your shopping cart and send me a link to your download page to the email address listed.

    I checked my bank account and no money was withdrawn. Sorry to say It seems like your shopping cart doesn't work right.

    I tried to purchase the product again and got the "Thank you" page "Your order is being processed" but that can't be right because no process has happened.

    Tim Koen

    Tim Koen

    Nov 29 2014 10:43:01



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    Hi Tim,

    Debbies website is, not

    Debbie doesn't sell scripts.

    Have you got your lines crossed?

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    Nov 29 2014 13:29:45


    Tim Koen

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    Gt, thanks for responding. I may have my lines crossed. I went to the gemasana website through a link on Debbie's profile. That makes it her website right? Or why would anyone put someone else's website in their profile?

    Anyway since you are here. I am looking for the cart time out script. I think I could get more sales with that script.

    The website I landed on the cart doesn't work. It looks like it does but it doesn't collect credit cards (at least from the US) and it doesn't redirect to a download page.

    Can you help me?Do you have a script like that? Can you make one?


    Tim Koen

    Nov 29 2014 13:54:14


    Tim Koen

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 51

    Debbie and Gt, never mind the script finally was emailed to me. I wish there had been a notice on the thank you page telling me when and where the script was coming from.


    Tim Koen

    Nov 29 2014 16:13:50


    Debbie Q

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    As GT explained the ge's script site is not my site. I have offered links to several other recorces that people can use to help solve their problems. I don't recall anyting on gt's site ever saying the script would be instantly sent. GE is usually quite prompt. This has been a holiday week and maybe he was away and not able to process things instantly.

    As for the time out script.... I do not know how up-to-date the script is. I do not know if ge is aware that the cart does not time out for 3 hours now. You might need to make a small change in the script to reflect this change. It is an easy and obvious change to make.

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