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Re:Debbie Q Where are you?

    Nov 29 2014 13:29:45


    Tim Koen

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 51

    Gt, thanks for responding. I may have my lines crossed. I went to the gemasana website through a link on Debbie's profile. That makes it her website right? Or why would anyone put someone else's website in their profile?

    Anyway since you are here. I am looking for the cart time out script. I think I could get more sales with that script.

    The website I landed on the cart doesn't work. It looks like it does but it doesn't collect credit cards (at least from the US) and it doesn't redirect to a download page.

    Can you help me?Do you have a script like that? Can you make one?


    Tim Koen