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Urgent pay pal problem!!!

    Dec 02 2014 08:07:04



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    Today I received a mail from pay pal customer service, that they can't confirm payments. (and it is from paypal, because i talk to them)
    And I don't know what to do that, we can still get some confirmation e-mail from pay pal after the order is completed.

    The server which they wrote me is the following:

    Is there anything that I can fix the problem very soon because for us its peak time at the year.

    Thank you very much for a quick answer.

    Greetings from Munich.

    Dec 02 2014 11:15:26



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    You need to email Mal about it.

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    Dec 02 2014 16:11:06


    Debbie Q

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    Stopped getting Order Notification emails here this morning too. Orders in admin are not in red. This is going to make things difficult. I hope it is temporary.

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