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Using 2 carts, same site to solve multiple Ship Origins

    Dec 06 2014 10:04:24



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    We have two groups of products on our site. Each group ships from a different origin, zip codes are very far apart. Planning to subscribe the Premium to get the feature of real time UPS/USPS ship quotes for the carts.
    Is it possible to use two different cart setups on the same website, if properly coded, and have Cart A deal with Product Group A and Cart B deal with Product Group B? The object would be to get accurate real time ship quotes for each Product Group.
    *I believe it's possible to prevent a customer from mixing Group A and B in the shopping cart.
    Thanks in advance any advice.


    Dec 06 2014 14:24:49


    Debbie Q

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    The only problem would be if they want to buy something from A and B.

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    Dec 06 2014 15:08:34



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    Debbie Q said The only problem would be if they want to buy something from A and B.

    Excellent, thank you.
    To the mixing of A and B, I think I saw something in the setup options where you can create and specify a product code that would only allow the shopping cart to add those items. Will look for it and post.


    Dec 06 2014 20:55:24



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    You could use two Mals accounts, one for each group of products. Each would have its own shipping specification. And they could share a website.

    If the customer bought from only one range he would have one cart. If from both ranges he would have two carts.

    Your return page after checkout could have a Review button for each cart.

    I've got as far as trying two concurrent carts, one each of pay.cfm and addmulti.cfm, but I didn't go to payment. As I can see only one cookie, before pursuing I'd suggest checking with Mal.

    You customer would have to understand you have two groups of products and he may have to check out twice. And not be confused!

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