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Re:countdown script

    Dec 15 2014 18:45:05



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    The div for the countdown has a css class="count". This will not be read by the cart page as the css file is not linked on that page. (It will of course be read by your homepage where it is linked.)

    It is an accident that it looks right in IE. Your file "header-fmisc.js" - second line - font tag is not closed, and there is an open <b> IE is rendering the countdown div, which is the next line in the document flow, with this line's font declaration and in bold, whereas Firefox is responding differently, rendering with default styling.

    For the cart you will need to style the countdown div in the script, which of course will mean the same style wherever that script is called. Personally, I would have separate countdown js files so you can style the divs appropriately.