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Possible to Get a Sandbox to Develop Templates for V2 Pages?

    Dec 17 2014 06:04:49



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    Switched to the V2 cart style and it is so different and the default CSS styles are a bit on the "wasting space - horsey" side. There are now so many scripted sections that it is difficult to learn/know what affects what, so it will take some dedicated time; especially when integrating them into our website style. Tried working with it for a while to make it more efficient and tighten things up, but doing this on a live cart is: a) difficult and b) not the greatest experience for a customer -- to say the very least.

    What I thought would make a change on the initial cart page did nothing. Made a change on what I thought was a secondary page and the initial page changed!, so there's a steep learning curve to find out how things are named and what those names really pertain to. Learning that this was not going to be straightforward, I reverted to V1.

    Additionally, there is the list of payment processors that V2 is so far integrated with. Amazon Payments does not appear in that list. I consider Amazon to be in the same category as PayPal, as it shows up in the radio button list when the payment choice screen displays. Is Amazon Payments somehow different and integration with V2 is not an issue; it will just work? Don't want to permanently switch to V2 if not.

    Thanks for any insight.

    Dec 18 2014 17:19:32



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    I too switched to V2 but I reverted back to V1.

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    Dec 22 2014 17:05:15



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    You can create another cart in your Mals account (testcart) and then create a test html with a test product or two, either as a sub-domain ( or in a sub-folder (

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    Jan 03 2015 22:18:58



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    noseyneil said You can create another cart in your Mals account (testcart) and then create a test html with a test product or two, either as a sub-domain ( or in a sub-folder (

    And does this "testcart" cart allow templates? That is what we are working on. Even if we could glean enough CSS data from a standard cart page and try to integrate that into the templates, it will be some protracted amount of time that the real cart is either looking odd, not displaying some elements or worse while the code is being debugged.

    Sep 01 2015 22:08:17



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    I know this is a very old thread but they are touching on things I am trying hard to solve.

    Mal has give me a link to the help pdf for the templates in V2";

    In that pdf is a link to a zip of templates which I have NOT found useful, but then I am still learning all this.

    The free cart cannot use templates but mal has said there is a seven day free trial on Premium but I am still waiting to hear back from him on how that works.

    V2 works ok, sort of, but I really want to switch Shipping Address to Billing Address. Everything I try does not work.

    B E JOHNSON - you said you managed to change some things - can you give us a bit more info on what and how ?

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