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Re:New 2015 EU VAT rules

    Jan 08 2015 13:05:48


    Ian S

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    I read your post and was amazed to discover that these new rules apply to businesses based outside the EU.

    So if you (I assume you are in the US) sell to a non business customer (with no VAT registration) in say the UK (where I am), you are expected to charge VAT at the rate applicable in the Uk (20%) ?

    How can the UK tax authorities have any juristication over a company baed in the US and how are you expected to then pay any VAT collected to the UK tax authority (HMRC).

    From what I've read, they expect you to register for VAT in every EU country you sell to. There are 28 of them so sounds like a complete nightmare.

    Can't you just igmore it? As you are outside the EU they can hardly come banging on your door and will have no way of knowing what you sell to EU customers anyway.