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Re:Shipping - jiggering the Countries List

    Jan 15 2015 17:16:12



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    After several consults with Mal on the difficulties of changes to shorten the Country List I've hit upon a solution that helps. In our case we are a Premium Account, using UPS and USPS autofilling shipping quotes.
    The work around to scrolling down the long list is the discovery that you can type in as well as scroll down to select the Destination Country. Type in the country name you want and you don't have to scroll through the list of countries. But as it is now the window says "Please Select", so the shopper thinks one must scroll down.
    In the Advanced Shipping section - Countries List page there is a text box for entering your own text on what goes next to the left of that window. We are using that text box to tell shopper to "Type in or Scroll to Destination Country" and help them realize they can type the country in the box instead of scrolling.