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Re:Shipping - fixed cost while Premium & UPS/USPS

    Jan 22 2015 17:22:54



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    Alan said I think you'd have to give a concrete example for me to be able to comment.

    I am now looking at the Field no ship=1. Don't know how it works yet. Maybe that is a solution.
    Concrete example:
    The Product A has a price of $100.00
    The flat rate for shipping Product A is $30.00

    I want the shopper to order either:
    1 Product A $100.00
    1 Shipping $30.00
    combined 1 Product A $100 + Shipping $30.00 = $130
    "Add to cart"
    In the cart then "add shipping" and see a shipping option selection to add of of $0.00 then go to Check Out
    or after "Add to Cart" just go straight to Check Out link with no further shipping added.
    Either way the Total charge is $130.00
    Hope that's clear.