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Re:Shipping - fixed cost while Premium & UPS/USPS

    Jan 23 2015 11:38:02



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    Alan said Some people are never satisfied:-) Ask Mal.

    I'm running out of ideas but you could try this.

    Define another zone - say Local pickup - with one option, a fixed charge of 0.

    In Links to zones, specify Countries list and states list.

    In the states list, first entry (No state) specify Local pickup.

    You'd have to tell relevant customers to select 'No state' or go a bit futher and change the text to 'local pickup'.

    :-) Believe me, not looking to make this any more complicated than it is. Just a couple of home zone options away from making it work.
    Gave your last idea a try but could not make it work. Have explained the justifications for extra zone options to Mal and look forward to his take on it.