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Re:Shipping - fixed cost while Premium & UPS/USPS

    Jan 24 2015 10:00:29



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    Alan said
    Define another zone - say Local pickup - with one option, a fixed charge of 0.
    In Links to zones, specify Countries list and states list.
    In the states list, first entry (No state) specify Local pickup.

    I thought it should work. Did you Save/Update as you went along? E.g. after checking Countries and States

    I did follow the details of your suggestion and updated as I went along.
    One - somehow it reset the Countries zones to Exclude then to Local Pickup - had to rework those to correct settings.
    Two - when I finally had all the settings in place, in the end I could only get the Local Pick up showing in the shopping cart. No other options. And like that for all products, not just the Fixed ship cost I was targeting. So I abandoned it. Thanks the effort.
    Wrote to Mal with a request and then explanation of why more options in home zone. He said 'highly unusual' request but didn't say no, so waiting to see if he'll arrange more options in the home zone - which would allow me to solve the issue simply.