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Re:Multiple input, options in one Form

    Jan 24 2015 12:08:13



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    GT said Why are you using discountpr when you only send one value (72) to the cart?

    To send multiple products to the cart, follow Mal's instructions and use addmulti.cfm and not add.cfm in the cart URL.

    Number your products, discountpr, qty as product1, discountpr1 etc and for the next product that you want to charge for, use product2, qty2 etc.

    I suggest you clear your pages of errors as well:

    I defaulted to this approach using add multi.cfm for listing the products at different price points based on quantity. However I still don't see how to get the other 2 by your reply unless you're suggesting these be productX also. The fixed charge can set up that way. But is it not possible to have a Select Option or Is it into a products the only solution if using addmulti?
    2 option for two colors
    3 add a fixed price for a service (no weight)

    When installing this shopping cart is over I'll deal with the pages. thanks.